What is Pure Nutrition Methyl B12?

Pure Nutrition Methyl B12 is a smart approach to meeting your vitamin B12 needs since it provides the superior methylated form of cobalamin (vitamin B12). Many vitamin B12 supplements rely on cyanocobalamin which needs to be converted to methyl cobalamin before it’s useful in the body.
As a whole, vitamin B12 is the most complex vitamin, both in terms of it’s metabolism and chemical structure. Of the eight B vitamins, Vitamin B12 is suggested to be the most important vitamin for maintaining proper levels of homocysteine and neurotransmitters (i.e. chemical messengers).
While various foods contain vitamin B12, only a fraction of this micronutrient is absorbed, which can lead to deficiency over time. In such cases, using Pure Nutrition Methyl B12 can help you meet your vitamin B12 needs on a daily basis (in conjunction with a balanced diet that includes vegetables and fruits).

Benefits of supplementation with Pure Nutrition Methyl B12 may include:

  • Support homocysteine metabolism and cardiovascular function
  • Boost energy levels
  • Improve cognitive function and mood
  • Promote healthy DNA function
  • Enhance amino acid metabolism
Vitamin B12 is a highly important micronutrient. Humans do not produce vitamin B12 endogenously and must consume it through the diet and/or supplementation. B12 deficiency is most likely to occur in people who regularly use antacids or medications that inhibit proton pumps.
In tandem with other B vitamins – notably folate – methyl cobalamin (vitamin B12) promotes cardiovascular function and blood flow by regulating homocysteine metabolism. Homocysteine is a non-proteinogenic amino acid similar in chemical structure to L-cysteine. While homocysteine is necessary for various biological functions, having excess homocysteine in the blood is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and inflammation-related conditions.
This is where vitamin B12 comes into play, as it helps recycle homocysteine into methionine –  an essential amino acid. In this process, folate operates as the methylating vitamin and vitamin B12 complexes with specific enzymes that help convert homocysteine to methionine.
Vitamin B12 is involved in many other physiological processes by acting as a cofactor for many enzymes. For example, vitamin B12 helps support neurotransmitter synthesis and amino acid metabolism. Hence, getting plenty of vitamin B12 is essential for healthy nervous system function and muscle building.

Why Use Pure Nutrition Methyl B12: Benefits of Supplementation

Vitamin B12 is a ubiquitous micronutrient that sets the foundation for cardiovascular and nervous system health, being especially crucial for the regeneration of methionine from homocysteine. In turn, supplementing with Pure Nutrition Methyl B12 can help support a variety of biological processes that are vital to your health, wellness, and performance.
It’s important to note that a recent research review estimated that upwards of 80% of people who follow a plant-based diet don’t get enough vitamin B12.2 If you are a vegan or vegetarian, it is strongly encouraged to use a vitamin B12 supplement like Methyl B12.



Serving Size 1 tablet
Servings 100
Stevia Leaf Extract 2 mg
Vitamin b12 (as Methylcobalamin) 2000 mcg



As a dietary supplement, take 1 chewable tablet 1 to 2 times daily. Chew chewable tablet or hold in mouth until dissolved and swallow. Store in a cool, dry place.