What Is Pure Nutrition Chromium Picolinate?

Pure Nutrition Chromium Picolinate is a stimulant-free, natural blood sugar balancing supplement designed to help you effectively absorb carbohydrates, improve insulin sensitivity, and support healthy serotonin production.

Pure Nutrition Chromium Picolinate contains the most bioactive form of chromium, with research and clinical evidence suggesting it may support healthy blood sugar levels, reduce LDL cholesterol, help regulate appetite, and more.

How Pure Nutrition Chromium Picolinate Works?

Chromium is an essential trace mineral that is shown to enhance carbohydrate metabolism, support healthy serotonin levels, and even modulate cortisol levels. In so doing, chromium can help boost energy production, mood, and also regulate appetite.

Chromium appears to enhance carbohydrate metabolism by increasing insulin sensitivity. When insulin sensitivity is impaired, your body can’t properly shuttle glucose from the blood into cells; the result is high blood sugar, which can lead to things like obesity, type-2 diabetes, and heart complications.

Many dietary supplements rely on inferior forms of chromium, such as chromium chloride. which have low bioavailability. Pure Nutrition Chromium Picolinate contains chromium polynicotinate, as this form is highly bioavailable and proven effective.

Picolinate is one of many different types of mineral “carriers” that in essence “carry” substances such as chromium, zinc, iron, copper, and other trace minerals so that they can be efficiently absorbed by your tissues.

These mineral carriers are known as chelators. According to research, mineral uptake by tissues is drastically greater when the mineral is chelated to picolinic acid (picolinate).

Picolinic acid is synthesized in the kidneys and liver from the amino acid L-tryptophan, and is the body’s primary organic chelator. It is also commonly used in supplemental zinc and copper products.

Benefits of Pure Nutrition Chromium Picolinate:

A large body of evidence demonstrates the efficacy of chromium picolinate for enhancing carbohydrate utilization and supporting healthy blood sugar levels. It is also postulated that chromium picolinate can help reduce stress, decrease cholesterol, increase lipolysis, and even provide longevity benefits.8

Overall, the evidence-based benefits of chromium picolinate include:

Enhance Carbohydrate Absorption. Pure Nutrition Chromium Picolinate contains the most effective and bioavailable form of chromium, which is clinically proven to effectively enhance the absorption of carbohydrates and insulin sensitivity. This makes chromium picolinate an ideal supplement prior to meals containing carbohydrates.

Improve Body Composition. By enhancing carbohydrate utilization and supporting healthy blood sugar balance, Pure Nutrition Chromium Picolinate can help reduce body fat and encourage muscle building.
Prevent Fat Storage. Since excessive blood glucose and impaired insulin function can lead to fat storage, supplementing with Pure Nutrition Chromium Picolinate may help prevent fat storage associated with carb consumption.

Reduce Stress. Chromium is known to modulate serotonin and cortisol levels, both of which play key roles in regulating mood and stress.

What Makes Pure Nutrition Chromium Superior to Competitor Chromium Supplements?

Most chromium supplements on the market contain ineffective forms of chromium, such as chromium chloride or chromium nicotinate. With Pure Nutrition Chromium Picolinate, you’re getting the most effective, science-based form of chromium, as pure chromium chelated to picolinic acid.

Pure Nutrition Chromium Picolinate is also manufactured in the USA in a cGMP facility. This ensures that you’re getting nothing but the purest, safest and highest quality supplements on the market. We take your health seriously and never cut corners on our product quality.



Serving Size 1 Capsule
Servings 100
Chromium Picolinate 200 mcg



Take one capsule before each meal.